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About Us

   The introduction to Shenzhen Xiboman Electronics?Co., Ltd.

   As an excellent global supplier of electronic business for gifts, XIBOMAN Company offers good service from early researching to later manufacturing. Especially, popular among countries around the world is our radio, which is cheap and excellent. Due to the good quality, so many wholesalers and purchasing agents draw much attention to our products.

   Shenzhen Xiboman Electronics?Co., Ltd. was set up in 1993 by Guan Jiajun, who was founder and is CEO of the company. During 20 years, our company has been devoting itself to developing electronic products and modifying existing quality and production standards. Since now, we have made great achievements in making radio and have gained certificates of many patented products with great honors. Varieties of new products are on display.

   Our company lies in Tanglang Mountain in Shenzhen, in which there are beautiful scenery and comfortable clime. During all these years, we have focused on the rule, ¡°people-first values¡±. Since then, we are aiming at self-planning, self-researching and developing new products. Only in this way, have we advanced with times and have our company standardized and scaled up. There is so many good staff in our company, who is contributing himself to developing and improving new products. Also, we have steady supplying channel, strict quality control department and long-term business partner. All of this results from our beliefs that accumulate experience gradually and develop and improve our products with the help of good workers. There is a hope that the company will finally find out a way only belonging to itself.

   We are always taking the principle of "quality is the first, customer is the uppermost¡± and planning our products by taking order from our customers. Meanwhile, our products are being monitored during all process and workers here are attaching great importance to your attention.
We are always here and we are all ears here, waiting for your suggestions.


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